Organized order, brooch, ash, bubinga and silver

Construction time is here again


About making jewellery:

Building small originals in silver & gold.

Thinking with my hands.

Changing and refining the ideas while working.

Sometimes finding something completely new

Inspiration from constructions & technical solutions,

possibilities and new different ways of using them.

Form & function is interesting how and why?

Gemstones & pearls, colour, size and form, painting with stones.

Camouflage, secret jewels, twisting and turning.

Now you see, now you do not.

Building thoughts, making them visible.


Volvopackning, gold, amethyst and pearls

Der wansinn/Construction time is here again

18k gold, sapphires, rubies, hayuns, diamonds, opals, topaz, chrysoberyll

Doubleroom, silver

Midsommarkrans, silver

Random is resistance

silver, tourmalins, aquamarine and emerald

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